Dr Seuss on iPad Usability

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I absolutely love this. Thanks to Frank Spillers for coming up with!  Dr Seuss on iPad Usability 


Swiping, tapping, tipping, topping…Hoping that your app is popping?

Users here, users there, users installing apps everywhere.

The question is will they stay or will they go, and how the HECK will you know?

Sit, stand, run, jump- this App is not made for walking and if I have to focus, is no good for talking.

In an office or on a couch, this App better run as well as crouch. Context they say is the trigger that can make adoption of your app even bigger.

iTip, iTap, iCan, Not interact with your super App. Click, tap, pinch, zoom, everywhere I go is like a puzzle, I think this app is a naughty dog that needs a muzzle!

Never mind there’s another App that is just as easy to tap.

Shake I can, tilt and zoom but let me know when something’s changing.

Feed me back what I’m doing, else I’ll think your broken and not tap-worthy, Oh. Now THAT would be a lonely place to go!

Can I touch, or can I see, how to navigate these seas? And please take heed to exaggerate my tasks, it’s the reason– I pay the fees!

Don’t forget: tipping, turning all around, your design must support the user’s merry-go-round.

Did I tell you my fat finger rules? That should be a message- no design fools!

Lest, you’ll end up in the graveyard of “Apps Not Used”.

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