UX: The tip of the Iceberg

April 25, 2014 • Design, UX Methodology • Views: 14768

“Usability itself is just one block of a large UX iceberg, as seen below, and a part of the overall user experience of products, either physical (watches) or online (websites)” 
-Marko Nemberg 

I always meet people who think that all a UX designer does is “make things look pretty….you know, like graphic design” Uhm. No. That is not what a UX designer does. Yes, we can make apps look pretty, but UX design encompasses a much larger process starting from research, to requirements gathering, research and context analysis, wireframing, and then finally the tip of the iceberg: visual design.


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2 Responses to UX: The tip of the Iceberg

  1. Kempanna says:

    I have one question
    Is visual design comes under UX? or UI?

    • Hi Kempanna, I realize I am very late on replying to this, apologies for that. Many people have different opinions on this and many will tell you they are correct. And they are. The terms are slightly nuanced though, where UX encompasses the experience of the site/app. User Interface is the actual Interface. They both technically involve visual design, as it contributes to the experience, and it is part of the UI. Always best to clarify what people mean when they say UX or UI designer but typically UX will involve information architecture and research as well since it is part of the process to define the experience. Hope this helps!

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