Signs of Great User Experience

December 29, 2012 • Experience Design • Views: 3422

I recently came across a site that outlined 5 signs of what great user experience (UX) would be. In a nutshell, here are the pearls of wisdom:

  1. An elegant UI
  2. Being Addictive
  3. A Fast Start
  4. being Seamless, and
  5. It Changes You

5 Sign of Great User Experience

However, it isn’t enough to just recognize what good UX is. As with any design practice, we need to understand what makes a design compelling, as well as what makes it ineffective. The question is:

Why is there so much bad UX out there? 

Personally, I think this is because UX isn’t always fully understood and therefore not fully valued within an organization. UXer’s aren’t always given enough time and resources to effectively conduct their research and analysis, leading to hastily made prototypes that aim to please the organization (in order to get sufficient buy in to complete the project) rather than the end users. Combined, we can start to see the how and why lack luster designs creep into the market.

At the end of the day, we need to make sure we are in an environment that values design practices. If we find that we are not, then we need to start teaching people how investment in design practices can actually benefit all parties involved.


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