The Digital Revolution

July 28, 2014 • Art, Digital, Inspiration • Views: 5050



The other day I went to see the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican here in London. The exhibition is centered around the rise of digital creativity across the arts… which as you can imagine appealed to my geeky nature.

The exhibition spans across 14 different rooms, covering the history of computers, gaming, music (such as Glorybox by Portishead, one of my all time favorite songs), filmmaking (such as Gravity… a visually stunning movie), design, fashion, and more.

TRipdigi2Although there is a plethora of games available to indulge your nostalgic senses, I became consumed by the room containing the history of computer designs. I finally could call upon my knowledge acquired from reading Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge, and see the artifacts first hand. Apple II, built by Steve Wozniak in order to play Breakout on a color computer, and Commodore PET (1977), the computer designed by Chuck Peddle, were machines that launched the home-computer revolution. It was at this point that the future of video games and computers had converged.

Other parts of the exhibition include Pyramidi, a collaborative piece between Will.I.Am and sound artist Yuri Suzuki. As you walk into a room, you are welcomed by a giant floating Egyptian head singing a song. While you walk around the room, the eyes of the head follow you (and miraculously do so for every person in the room). The song itself is composed of robotic instruments: Drumkit, piano, and guitar.
Apart from learning about the history of digital revolutions that have changed our lives so much, the exhibition has a lot of interactive displays that could have kept me entertained for hours. In short, if you are interested in how digital evolution has affected our lives in terms of media entertainment, then this is the exhibition for you.


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    A piece of eriuotidn unlike any other!

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