• July 28, 2014 • Art, Digital, Inspiration • Views: 5049

    The Digital Revolution

      The other day I went to see the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican here in London. The exhibition is centered around the rise of digital creativity across the arts… which as you can imagine appealed to my geeky...

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  • April 17, 2014 • Art • Views: 3363

    Comic Neue: An answer to Comic Sans

    Finally Comic Sans has been reinvented…Introducing Comic Neue!There is one cardinal rule of design – NEVER use Comic Sans. Many designers have had to painfully witness the typeface of faux joviality used in business letters,...

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  • February 23, 2011 • Art • Views: 3928

    Beautiful Pop Illusionist Art

    Time for some more inspiration! Philippe Bertho: Pop Illusionist I discovered his work when I randomly walked into a gallery in Studio City in LA. It was love at first sight. “Through my art, I create a visual story that only the viewer...

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