Dow Agrosciences Project

April 29, 2010 • Uncategorized • Views: 3256


During my Design Methodology class I was given the assignment to chose an organization to research then outline a main problem and opportunity for. I chose Dow Agrosciences (DAS), a global B2B agricultural company that creates and offers products for sustainable farming.


The first step involved extensive research in order to fully understand the context in which the company exists. After doing so, I was able to identify opportunities through initial brainstorming on how to increase revenue and improve the brand image. I selected one solution area: to target the retail demographic through use of existing products and partnership with food chains and restaurants.


The million dollar question came down to be:

In order to make DAS known to the individual end consumer, do we risk the money that normally goes into research, in order to launch a massive advertising campaign?

And my answer to this was:

You may not have to. Create a demand for Dow Agrosciences products by having food retailers promote the health benefits of their use of DAS products. Improve the public image of DAS as healthy, green, and positive

Ultimately the solution is to market benefits of products already being sold such as Omega-9 oil to end users. For example: since DAS already sells this product to Taco Bell, make sure Taco Bell markets the health benefits in tandem with Dow Agrosciences. This will lead to increased sales, and no money is lost on new research/creating new products.

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